Implementation made simple

You’re thinking about implementing a new warehouse management solution – or what we like to call an inventory management solution – but the complexity is creating tension with upper management. Length of time + number of resources = high cost. Here are three keys to keep it simple and effective:

1. Plan , plan, plan?

Your plan will vary depending on your organization’s size and number of resources. We suggest starting with a small team of champions. These will be  subject matter experts and positive influencers within the area of business. Dedicate those resources and plan for the deliverables needed to execute site-specific requirements. This might include training, travel, warehouse / operations prep, inventory count, and go-live activities. Next, it’s time to communicate.

2. Stop, Collaborate, and Listen.

Before the project team becomes hyper-focused on execution, make sure they communicate with the people who will ultimately be impacted the most by new technology – the end users. Communicate early and often to not only inform users of what’s coming, but also to encourage a two-way dialogue and create change champions in the user group. Everyone pulling the rope in the same direction creates efficiency the leadership team is ultimately looking for.

3. Be there!

You’ve got the plan in place, communication in motion, and the parties involved at all levels aligned. But to ensure a successful execution, the team of champions needs to be present. They need to prioritize onsite visits to the implementation site for three important occasions: discovery, user acceptance/training, and go-live. Nothing builds trust or relationships greater than in-person collaboration, problem solving, commitment, and a deeper understanding of the end user’s day-to-day activities. Ultimately, being there will foster an environment of ownership and positivity toward the implementation journey.

These three keys have been critical in our implementation of The Hive in multiple locations around the world the past eight years. Learn more about The Hive and how our customer-focused partnership can help your organization:  THE HIVE – Schreiber Digital Labs (

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